The lighting industry has complex markets with many channels of distribution.

If your company is struggling with developing a new channel, creating the right rep network, finding an experienced sales manager, or digital marketing to a new channel, we have the services to help.

You stay focused on your core competency while we help you scale and grow your business. When we apply our lighting industry marketing experience to your projects and products, you are better positioned for increased leads & closing sales.

We have specific, relevant, and constantly updated information and insights into a variety of industry channels of distribution. Our understanding of the lighting world and access to industry thought leaders is unparalleled. Our extensive network of lighting professionals enables us to attract the best candidates for leadership positions.

Lighting Solution Development services  

Business Development Business Development

  • Growth planning, new technology introductions
  • Adding a new channel of distribution

Decision Research Decision Research

  • Cost-effective
  • Quick turnaround

Product Development Product Development

  • Electrical engineering, driver design, IoT integration
  • Sourcing
  • Luminaire industrial design

Certifications & Compliance Certifications & Compliance

  • DLC test planning as well as application and submission support.
  • Regulatory compliance consulting: DOE, Title 24, Title 20, NRCan, and Product stewardship requirements.

M&A Scoping M&A Scoping

  • Locating potential acquisition targets
  • Locating potential acquisitors.

Recruiting Recruiting

  • C-Suite, VP, Sales exec, & Product Development exec searches
  • Writing JDs, generating dozens of qualified applicants, pre-screening candidates for you, and delivering top industry talent

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing campaigns to specific target audiences
  • Generates dozens of hot leads

Content Marketing Content Marketing

  • White papers, e-newsletters, social media
  • Deliver valuable information and thought leadership, to your audience

Press Releases Press Releases

  • Technical writing that gets published and noticed
  • Distribution to the lighting industry trade press and beyond

Catalogs & Spec Sheets Catalogs & Spec Sheets

  • Experienced technical writing that combines the marketing and technical communications goals of catalogs and spec sheets.
  • Specialized marketing with deep lighting industry expertise.

No one else does what we do  

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